not the rusty kind

Hematite (or Haemetite) was on my mind last night. It kept coming to me over and over again. I even put the word hematite into the search engine so I could look at it first thing this moring. Well, the beau turned the computer off this morning. I found him in front of it with a blank screen when I woke up. He said he had played a game for an hour and then the computer started go haywire, so it happened as I was waking up. Life’s weird here.

The name hematite comes from the Greek word for blood.  Hematite, also known as “red iron ore”, is an oxide of iron that occurs naturally along the entire length of Red Mountain, so when I was looking for  hematite my search took me to Vulcan Park in Alabama, where I viewed the largest cast-iron structure ever made. Though interesting, that’s not what I was looking for today. My hammer was left on the porch for about a month, so when I found it today, it was rusty. Red hematite is rust-like. I was looking for the dark gray kind with the nice luster.  My mom’s favorite stone.

scarabs.jpgThe ancient Egyptians carved hematite into scarabs. (NYTimes link from 1902) Scarabs were in the comics today, and part of the text went into my collage that I did earlier. While looking for a specific thing, that thing I would supposedly know when I found it, I came across a recent article about hematite conducting electricity and they mentioned “pyramid-like mounds rising”. I make some weird connections, I know. Ancient Egyptians considered iron a divine metal. Many hematite artifacts including magnetic jewelry, amulets and mace heads have been found in Egypt. It still wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

The Romans associated hematite with Mars, the god of war. Mars. Yes. Martian hematite, found on a NASA site… 

I guess it was just another Martian Opportunity to connect some dots.  😉


New Kingdom 1550 – 1070 B.C.; black steatite or hematite; underside inscription carries image of vulture with a “nefer” sign (meaning good or beautiful), supported by a “neb” basket meaning “lord.”

I guess I connected enough dots for the night.

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