cosmic brownies

Kinda’ a weird thought to follow hematite, but if you look at it artistically maybe not, there is a similarity. I was checking some old links this morning and found a few are no longer in existence, so I want to re-do some of the links I had on those pages elsewhere, at some point. Maybe later today. I did run across a sentence on another working site which included this  (with links) “Generally, whatever happens on one day, shows up the next day in my cartoons, in some association that sometimes others can see, sometimes not.”  I thought it was a perfect example of my everyday connections, so I include it today. Since one of the photos on the link (unfortunately hard to see) got me thinking about cosmic brownies, I mention them because few would think of these the kind of brownies that are folklore sprites or faeries (that are somewhat mischievous) thought to do helpful work at night. It’s kinda’ my job to think that way.

I loved today’s Spot the Frog comic strip. Cartoonists are a real hoot. Though my favorite comic strip of all time is Reynolds Unwrapped. Though I have a number of his toons saved on the computer, I don’t get it as a daily comic strip right now, though I probably should.

With cosmic brownies in mind, I start my day. I’ll do a load of laundry so I can use the solar dryer, and while outside may take a layer off the front garden. The beau is in Indy, his six week check up after hip surgery. Hopefully the doctor will tell him he can begin putting weight on it, and life for him can get back to normal. I don’t know what “normal” is for me though. 😉Before posting I did one last minute thing, I knew there was a perfect faerie thing someplace waiting, so I did a simple yahoo and there was a faerie just waiting to be noticed.

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One Response to cosmic brownies

  1. dan reynolds says:

    Yeah, you SHOULD get my daily cartoon!

    Here’s how…
    For sign up of 365 REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED cartoons for one year , please send $10 cash, check or money order (or if you REALLY want to support keeping me in black ink instead of red, you can throw in a cartoonist tip) to
    Dan Reynolds
    PO BOX 444, Brewerton, NY 13029
    or send at least $11 via pay pal using this info:
    Your daily REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED will commence as soon as received.
    PS. Any Dan Reynolds originals and cartoon reprints (autographed) are also available!

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