a better plug

“Yeah, you SHOULD get my daily cartoon!” said Dan Reynolds.  Duh, I don’t know what I was thinking, I should’ve done a better plug for Dan Reynolds @ Reynolds Unwrapped, but I wasn’t on the computer long enough yesterday for my head to formulate that thought, sorry Dan. This should make it easier, for those that don’t read comments, so I went back to the post and linked it:

reynolds3-13.gif“Yeah, you SHOULD get my daily cartoon!” Here’s how…
For sign up of 365 REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED cartoons for one year , please send $10 cash, check or money order (or if you REALLY want to support keeping me in black ink instead of red, you can throw in a cartoonist tip) to:

Dan Reynolds
PO BOX 444

Brewerton, NY 13029
or send at least $11 via pay pal using this info: dan@reynoldsunwrapped.com
Your daily REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED will commence as soon as received.

justaclown.jpgPS. Any Dan Reynolds originals and cartoon reprints (autographed) are also available!”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, uh, er, cartoonist’s keyboard I should say, lol. So support the world’s greatest cartoonist (how’s that Dan, lol) and send him lots o’ bucks. Dan is introducing a NEW cartoon called “Animal Firm”.  YOU have the unique opportunity to witness a character-based cartoon IN the process of creation. So by all means, check out his site.
I wrote him back that my check was in the mail (whenever the mailman gets to the box anyway). My computer was in another state for over a year, vacationing without me, so that should have been the first thing I got to when it came home. I have endured the absence long enough.
Few addictions are so worthwhile, but this one I don’t mind paying for.  😉
It’s new music Thursday on WFPK:
Tell us what’s your secret?
How come it works everytime?
You make it look so easy,
Like you don’t even try.

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