brain hops

No matter what I do, it works. Random choices give more than a random result. I did not expect genome sequencing to show up, but then I never know what will show up really. Earlier today, before going to the doctor’s office I copied the titles of the last fifteen posts I had done, plus that which I had just put on: laughter’s path and guess what happened later? With all the letters shown:

I ANAGRAMMED (all those titles) and got this:

“Need to adhere to new diet, triglycerides are much too high. Must get metabolism up, unusual spinning effect in middle age. Brain path hops…Why’s Church a principal part in Genome X sequence work? Put it up next.”

OK. I went to a new doctor for a reflux problem today, told him about my vestibular problem, he did some blood tests, I was called later and told my triglycerides were too high, and I need to go back in a week. My A.D.D. gets me to think about genome sequencing and the next part of the anagram shows me the name of someone who is actually working on the genome x dna sequencing, yes, his name is Church.

I had to look up that last link, so who has the best explanation to this anagram set?

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