laughter’s path

I don’t always use random comics to anagram, sometimes I just use random words that show up as part of a search for something else, or even a portion of text in newspapers or magazines, sometimes even something said on the TV or song lyrics. It is what it is when it is. I knew there was something else in the anagram I did the other day, but did not have time to do it.  I re-anagrammed the text from the two bubbles, which were first shown in the blog entry before that where I did an anagram from the words “Cosmically delicious” Those two words anagrammed to “loci used a silly comic.”

The text from the Up and Down post, “It’s amazing how the Legion makes you forget your past [and] Yeah, it makes you forget most everything” anagrammed to, “if you got “theory”, laughter’s path gives woman key of mystery, take  it serious, might manage ozone.” So in today’s collage I am using some comics from yesterday and some of today’s comics to tie things together. You’d only know that if you have been paying attention for a few posts.


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