fairily funny

“Faerie” I wrote, “I knew there was a perfect faerie thing someplace waiting, so I did a simple yahoo and there it was, a fae(rie) just waiting to be noticed (Cosmic Brownies).” Well, no matter how it’s spelled, when it shows up at your doorstep first thing Monday morning, it’s funny. Monday’s are usually mixed blessings. Occasional bad news…

The phone woke me up, the beau answered it. The doctor’s office. Now what? I called them back and they told me there was blood in the urine. 

“Come back in two weeks to have it re-checked.”

“OK, how about since I am coming back in on Friday, and my triglycerides were high last Friday, I come into my appointment and then have another blood test and urine test, this time fasting?”

close-fai.jpg“Did you fast last time?” ‘

“No, last time was my first visit.”

“Oh, I’ll write that down.”

In the meantime, I guess I will try to get a good 20-30 minutes in of exercise every other day, if nothing else, and see what happens with that.

picture-34.jpgBack to the fairy thing.  On the 12th I mentioned faeries. I know the beau’s mother hasn’t spoken with him in over two years, but she is still his mother. Their relationship is a bit weird anyway. She sent him a couple of cardboard shamrocks, a package of thank you cards, which we needed (and was probably a hint she wanted one back with writing in it), some peeps–pink and yellow–a box of Good & Plenty licorice candies, a can of Thai coconut ginger soup, and a recipe for chocolate banana cake torn from a magazine (1992). She did recently send him a little money to offset some of the bills. She doesn’t have much to give, I’m sure, but every little bit helps around here when there hasn’t been any income since November. I don’t know how we survive, quite frankly. Anyway, she mailed this box out on the 14th, probably so he would have it today. Well, we don’t normally get mail first thing in the morning, but that box came early…and the fairy (no matter how it is spelled) brightened my morning. The beau said since I touched it it is mine.

 I decided to look up the Mark Roberts fairy site and as soon as it opened looked for the products menu. Somehow I knew immediately to go to the “retired collectibles” section, and sure enough, there was a photo of the little guy that came in the mail. For some reason, I figured she had him for a couple of years, just waiting for the right time to gift him. I looked through some of the other items (not retired) and saw a lovely little African-American fairy.

I liked, the healing fairy. I also liked the tomato fairy, must be the Italian in me. I could probably spend all day at that site, the fairies are adorable. I liked the ever-changing headers on the site. If you are into fairies or little dolls of this sort, check it out, you’ll probably find something you like. 

Speaking of Italian and tomatoes, I noticed the Prevacid the doctor gave me the other day is a product of Italy. I told the doctor I was Italian, and he laughed and said he just moved from Brooklyn where he was surrounded by them.  😉  No wonder the product works so well, Italians need tomatoes to live well. I appreciate the product; haven’t felt any twinges of reflux since starting those.

I wonder if the good vegetable fairy is truly retired or if we can ask him for a little assistance in having a great vegetable garden this year. We have started some seeds indoors, so maybe I will stand him up next to the trays to watch over them until they are planted. Waddaya think?

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