no mo re-hab

On my own about rehab at this point, my therapist called to tell me she was moving to another city, tomorrow, too far to travel for me to see her for my re-hab. I was thinking of stopping anyway. The neurologist said it is hard to say if the exercises helped or just the amount of time passed to move me along in my progress. He does at least admit I probably don’t have a “virus”, my only other diagnosis at this point, 16 months since the onset of symptoms. Who knows what’s next? I had not been back after my little earthquake machine experience at the end of January, mostly because of the beau’s surgery. She brought a long way in therapy, and I am grateful for that. No one else really did much for me but her. She said I was a special case. Yea, I bet.

I found the old journal entry from when I saw her name in my anagrams, the following is most of the journal, though some paragraphs were removed for privacy reasons:


Wedmesday, August 1st

8:30 PM I had my first appointment with Nhora Fant (Physical Therapist) today. I thought I was having a good day until I did a couple of things, she realized I still have the problem, it hasn’t gone away. She wants me to get the name of the drug that was used by the dentist for the infection I had late in October, so the beau said he would get that info for me. She said she would speak with Dr. who is also her doctor, and talk about my vertigo, which she feels is cerebellum in combination with something else. She gave me a couple of exercises to do, to start re-training my brain. She said while in therapy I will be on the verge of throwing up, something to look forward to, oh boy. She said to go crowded places and concentrate and to do eye exercises with a busy background, following my finger or thumb back and forth. I see her again in a week and then go in twice a week.

Nhora was very thorough and thoughtful. I asked her about the egyptian necklace she was wearing, (**similar to the gold one in the photo here, though probably not exact) but really never got an answer. I told her I had a photo to share, that I have a stain on my wall that resembled what she was wearing, and that next time in, I would bring her a copy of it, so she can see I believe in a certain amount of coincidence.

(**That photo can be found in another post called i, too, can be mindless. You’ll like the similarity.)





Thursday, August 2nd

My headache has been here a week. It is getting old. I went through my journal entries to see if I had written down the medication I used in October, because Nhora (the therapist) wanted the name of it. I couldn’t find anything in the entries naming the medication. It seems though that some time in October, the beau had an infection and said it was for a cracked tooth, so he took medications. I saw the dentist about the 18th, my having started feeling tooth pain on the 15th.

The only other thing that was going on different was that I was scraping paint off the side of the house and window, and had begun making my ugly bugs. The beau said what lead or solder or paint fumes I was inhaling couldn’t have affected me that much.  I need my vestibular system back, and my health back. The blood pressure probably should be addressed, or is an indication of something and no one has paid attention to it as a symptom of anything else. They checked it for me yesterday, saying it was 138 over 101, which is high for me.

It’s almost 7 AM, and I have been awake half the night, finally getting out of bed about 5:45 this morning. The headache makes me want to just lie back down and do nothing. What’s to do at this point. I can’t do my own laundry without supplies, and what is left on the line can stay there for now.

There was a major bridge collapse yesterday in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and thus far 7 are confirmed dead and as many as 20 known to be missing, the bridge having collapsed into the Mississippi River. The stories seem to indicate many good Samaritans came to the rescue of those in need. There are many good people in the world who will set aside their own safety to assist others. No one knows why the bridge collapsed, there was resurfacing going on at the time. It broke into three pieces.

That strikes a nerve with me because yesterday the beau told me that one of the house where he was putting up downspout they were going to replace their bridge over the creek. I don’t know what other access they have to their house, one would think they need to have the other access in place before removing a bridge. Anyway, he said we would be getting the bridge in three pieces. I asked why, and he told me it was too big to move otherwise. We usually get the wood scraps from the guy who is dismantling and re-building the walkway. That’s the guy who gave us the decking material with which we started making garden pathways.

Anyway, the beau told me early in the day, long before the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, but certainly an interesting correlation. I re-anagrammed the Family Circus text of 7-31: “Before we leave, let’s see if we have the necessities, credit cards, road maps, emergency lollipops…”. It reads, “We see bridge over Mississippi collapse real fast, the concrete road left…lends me each wee eye.” There was a school bus returning from a swimming outing, though injured, all 60 children got out of their bus alive. Thanks Big Guy.

I anagram again, and these two anagrams are revealed:

“The eyes appeared from Minnesota, see bridge pieces, we tell slow a facet, child sees river close.”

“We see bridge over Mississippi collapse really fast, we need road, the concrete left, see He came.” Many were saved. Those anagrams all come from Family Circus text of 7-31-07.I did not anagram text about the bridge until after it occurred, but do recall seeing the word Mississippi in the anagram before it happened. Again…“see bridge over Mississippi collapse really fast, we do feel He came there… see we concentrated.”

One more anagram tells who my therapist is…”Nhora Fant will be therapist, camera piece covers eye view, decode restless legs,some life’s deep.” I hear, “All the speed you need” on the ATT commercial that’s on, then I hear children on Wave3ListensLive singing, ” we’re all in this together…

Nhora did cover my eyes with some contraption that shows nystagmus in the eyes as you change position. We talked about restless legs syndrome, too. There were many more anagrams about the bridge, but that’s not what this post is about. I left those in for some continuity in the post.

I am not healed at this point, but thanks to Nhora, I am a lot further along than I would’ve been had she not helped with my brain “re-train.”



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