God’s tide of magic

I did an add-on to a previous post today, something I don’t normally do. One of today’s comic strips had a perfect fit for the old post, according that that which was written the 16th. I put it here too. I noticed I had written,

People wouldn’t believe the aliens’ perspective anyway, would they? They could be here right now, living amongst us….”

Just making my connections, as I normally do. I figured I would put most of another comic strip on this one though, since I wrote the quote here.

“Sometimes the computer and I have “discussions” as it is, now. It doesn’t need any more ammunition to confuse me.

My mind wanders…”

Yes, the computer and I DO have some kinda’ strange and wonderful relationship, and comic strips just make it even more ridiculous with the art imitating life theme I have going all the time.


Tonight is the third night of revival. The first night the evangelist (B.J. Walker of Rockwell, North Carolina) told a story about a woman who was sitting in church, having had recurring headaches and not able to get rid of them, apparently seeing letters appear on the wall, a vision no one else could see. He said the letters spelled out the word T-I-D-E.  As it turned out, the woman had been using Tide detergent, and after she saw the word spelled out for her, stopped using the product and the headaches stopped as well. That was the story as I remember it anyway. It made an impression on me partly because I had seen the word TIDE in one of my anagrams, though not one I put on my blog. I did tell my friend Darlene, who has headaches all the time…she uses Tide, too.

Today I include a little collage that does happen to include a reference to the story about the woman with the headaches. Using the text from a cartoon/comic strip I make the connection to that story and the Egyptian that showed up on my wall.

The text, “My work is heavily influenced by the gouache-painting on plaster of middle kingdom Egyptian art” anagrams to “Heard funny TIDE-headache story, bet to find Egyptian king up on my wall like Loving magic promise .”

God’s magic that is! The Egyptian charm with the headdress looks similar to the stain on my living room wall that I wrote about in a post about my therapist and the post where I have a picture of the stain on the wall that resembles an Egyptian king or queen. I wasn’t sure if “regular” Egyptians wore such headdresses, but I guess not.


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