Maundy Thirsty

I noticed something a little unusual (well, unusual on WordPress, anyway) after I came back from church. My last post is in three’s, and I noticed something else about my posting but I won’t mention it now, I did a screen shot so you understand what I am talking about, something I call a hiccup. More than the usual energy, it could be a CME causing hiccups out there in the expanse. I just find it amusing.


It may be a bit unusual, but with me, it seems nothing is too unusual to happen. My favorite motto has always been that with God all things are possible. So God and someone else did a little change-up tonight.

Tonight was Maundy Thursday, and the church I attend is in revival, meaning some of what I am used to on the day before Good Friday is only a memory. The church was a jumpin’ the last couple of nights, no doubt there, even though the visiting evangelist was not feeling well, he still got his message out to a packed church. I do what I can to appreciate the similarities and differences in religious observances, but I can’t help but miss certain routines that keep me grounded, like communion, which grounds me. The spirit moves in many ways, but that always helps me feel more at home. Everybody does things differently…it’s all in what you are used to. Don’t get me wrong, I can always hear God, no matter where I am, no matter what preacher is before me, I find a connection, some little secret code that God has put there so I know His presence in the personal inimitable way He has with me…like the flutter of the lights a couple of times during the service. I expect something to “show up”. Some call it the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost, and hard to say if other people notice the same things I do, since everyone feels the spirit in their own way, but I have to wonder how many people would notice that miniscule single flick of the light.

The other night when I went to post the power went off, about 10:30, quarter to 11, and I never got around to putting the anagram or collage on…something about the stony sepulchre, and it said that Clifty was a clue. Well, Clifty Falls Park is real close to the power station, so as soon as I saw that, it was a clue when the power went out, lol. Oh, I found the collage (it was on the 18th). I used the text from a comic strip about silly putty, go figure (lol) which said, “the unsuccessful predecessor of silly putty, serious putty” anagrammed to “sepulchre found, story uses steps, clifty clue.” frogclue.jpgAt that point the power went out and I never got around to posting. I noticed there was a coincidence in the comic strip and a mention by the evangelist visiting, that was Jehoshaphat…the preacher was reading from 2 Kings. Hmmm, I recall he also mentioned bones, now that I see my collage. (The Spot the Frog “clue) is from 3-19 comics)




I also noticed that there was another collage in my file (on the 16th) that I did not use, though it really relates to previous mentions in my post. If anyone wants to see it, write me, otherwise it is just one more thing that adds to the long list of daily synchronicities, and how many collages do you want to see in a day?. Hmmm, that was 3-16, wasn’t it?

Yeah, the partial cartoon here is part of what was in the collage. Yep, it’s all relative.
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