nothing much

All I wanted to do was take a picture, not much else. The river is down a little, lots of junk all over, but it didn’t cross the road, and it is on the way back down. I just wanted a duck picture or a few other pictures, nothing much. The batteries in my camera were dead so I stopped at Dollar General for some batteries, going with the larger package so that when I wore down the first set of batteries this month there would be a fresh set. I put 4 in, nothing happened…another four in and still nothing. Grrr. After I got home the beau came across the right combination of batteries to make it work, but who knows how long it will last if some work and some don’t. I don’t carry a voltmeter with me for new purchases, either. Too late now, I am back home. The river will be there tomorrow, just in case I can get out and take pictures. Hard to beat the weather today, though…perfect outside today.

I had a chat with a woman at the riverfront who said she has had that happen with batteries she has purchased from there too, same problem. I guess I can stick with toilet paper, juice, Dawn liquid and laundry detergents from there for now, but watch what I buy otherwise. Sorry, no rousing commercial support from me today, Dollar General. The batteries were made in China. I probably should have known better.

We got a bill from the hospital today, some $22-23 thousanddollars, due within the month, it says on the statement. No insurance? We take Mastercard, too. Not even an itemized bill. The beau said it will cost him $30 to write out a check for that amount…the amount for an NSF check. Nah…I don’t think we should go that route, that isn’t legal. It would be nice to write out a check for that kind of money. Right now we can’t even write out a check at the grocery store, so good luck on the hospital bill. After no income since November things are definitely in squeak mode. I find a way to put a couple of bucks in the offering plate every night, but on days when you spend a couple of dollars on a product that doesn’t work, well, let’s just say it ain’t like it used to be…


Tonight is revival night (again, it’s all week). I have no expectations one way or the other today. I am hoping the visiting evangelist is feeling better. There has been something going ’round, flu, colds, stomach viruses, etc. I went to the doctor’s again this morning, and got the same results for my specimen. I suspect the back pain is not a muscle strain but a kidney problem, now that I am back home and it is still sore. One more thing I don’t need. I told the beau I would give it a couple of days and if it is still hurting I will get another test (rather than waiting two weeks) and ask them to grow a culture this time, because it very well could be a kidney infection. They said the leukocytes were off and asked if I felt ok. OK? Compared to what I normally feel like, hard to say. Haven’t heard back on the blood test yet, which I did fasting this time. Always something.

It was nice to get outside if only for a half hour which included going to the store. It’s sunny and warm and the fresh air is great. I live in a house where it always smells of dog, and I am not one to get used to the smell. It permeates the house and I cannot stand it. I am not “allowed” (it isn’t my house) to take the carpeting up, so I stay miserable, lucky me. If you stay in the monkey house long enough it doesn’t seem as bad as when you first go in, but you know, it isstill bad. This is not quite the monkey house but it is still bad for me. Taking up the carpet would alleviate some of the problem, but like I said, it ain’t mine. Sometimes I wonder how or why I put up with what I do, because so little of what I live with is normal for me. I really need to make some changes in my life soon.

The beau has the Bible Code (Apocalypse) on History Channel (as I type) and I listen some as I finish my journal. He put it on and is probably falling asleep now, too. They say (on the TV show) without the computer they (those who unlocked the code) would not have been able to do it, and if it exists, what is it the code is trying to tell us? Kind’a like me with my daily cartoons, or maybe I should call it my “media code”. What do I actually DO with it (my code of sorts) but entertain myself. I can see events that have passed already show up in the anagrams, just like the bible code does. I didn’t need a computer to do it, but it makes it easier to re-arrange letters than on a piece of paper. Either way, I get the same kind of results. It’s always a random pick, sometimes the concept of the text relates to something else already going on in my life, but generally it’s an out of the blue pick that yields great concepts that can generally relate to my day. At least most have not been related prior to a re-arrangement of the letters. I have no set patterns I follow. Statistical anomalies happen every day, but at some point, is it possible to call it something other than coincidence or mathematical possibility? The skeptics always have something to say about these things. Some call it a “parlor trick”, no scientific evidence to promote it as fact, but I say a little mystery goes a long way. Phenomena don’t always have an explanation, it just makes for a curiosity.

Well, church is in an hour, so I need to wake myself up a bit, I am tired today. Time to quite ramblin’ and get myself ready for church; I could use a little reviving. All in all, it is still a good Friday, the sun was out, a nice day, a wonderful break from days of rain. I could use a nap but that won’t happen. I have the promise of a nice dinner when I get home, at least the baked potatoes should be done, I just have to cook the rest when I come back at 8:30. It’s a little after 5:30 now. It IS Good Friday, so I wonder what church holds tonight to satisfy my more “traditional” sense of what the holy day is about.  Nothing much to ask now, is it?

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