a smile interpreted

Last night I left a purple smiley face pillow (that my neighbor lent me) at the church, sitting in the pew I had sat in. Whomever walked past it on their way out would surely see it. I had mentioned I wanted a pillow to help alleviate a back pain, so she made the pillow available.  🙂 A purple smiley-face pillow.

understood in a certain way; made sense of; “a word taken literally”; “a smile taken as consent”; “an open door interpreted as an invitation” 

Though the service was over about about 8:30, someone was still in “process” at the altar when we left about 8:45. The revival was mainly about sanctification, what it means; the preacher got a couple of his points out, saying he knew he wouldn’t have time for all of them before he even got started. Things often happen that way. My neighbor wanted to leave because she had an early doctor appointment. I hesitated about leaving the pillow there, but she said it was fine, she brought it for me, and it will be there when I return tonight for the 5th night of revival.

I got a collage done this morning, and then did an anagram from text from one of the cartoons in it. It also “connects” back to a couple of recent posts about my previous re-hab therapist’s Egyptian charm and a natural “stain” on the wall in the living room.

“A cat’s curosity causes him to explore the world…”
“a little mystery goes a long way. Phenomena don’t always have an explanation, it just makes for a curiosity.”


Text used for today’s anagrams, “AHEM. “Ancient Egypt”, an oral report by Peter Otterloop. In Ancient Egypt there were many deities.”
The two anagrams I present are almost identical:
1.) “Maybe Nhora’s Egyptian charm opened eerie reality, pretty potent recognition…
ET went prelate.”
2.) We may be ET; Nhora’s Egyptian charm opened eerie pre-latent reality, pretty potent recognition.”
I could go farther, but not right now. I mean, it’s just another blog entry, right?
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