WANTED: mate, not just any mate, an Alopochen aegyptiacus, an Egyptian BIRD mate. The Madison, Indiana riverbank’s Egyptian goose looks mighty lonely these days, and with spring sprung, well, I can imagine his thoughts on finding another mate himself. He has been without a mate a couple of red-eye-birds.jpgyears now, and quite frankly, there just aren’t many of those kind hanging ’round here, they are African birds, even though they are called Egyptians. Their range extends from the southern border of the Saharan desert to the southern tip of Africa and the Nile river basin. Yet, we had a pair here in Madison until the one died. These birds are the kind that mate for life, (that’s the two of them in a photo taken a couple of years ago) but when you lose the one you love, you always kinda’ hope there is another one out there for you. Geese can’t be that much different, can they? He hasn’t found a mate yet. Our little guy has the same desires as any other goose, just no one speaking out on his behalf. If you happen to have a couple of extras, kindly drop one or two off at the riverfront as soon as possible. Can’t you see them now, running in slo-mo toward one another. Ahhh love. Well, I can hope, can’t I? I wonder how many people actually realize we have one of these in Madison?

Wouldn’t you just know, the same text I used in the last couple of posts works for the Egyptian goose, too. “AHEM. ‘Ancient Egypt’, an oral report by Peter Otterloop. In Ancient Egypt there were many deities” anagrams to this too, “Not in tropic beach territory, we need to help Egyptian partner, open eyes, great mate, many elite.” That was the most fun anagram, though there were many more that use the words Egyptian goose, too, in addition to those other posts.


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