Looby Loo

Today’s subject, Andy Pandy, somewhat, but it could have just as well been Andy Panda. Ever wonder where the Looby Loo song came from? Sing a long now, “Here we go Looby Loo, Here we go Looby light, Here we go Looby Loo, All on a Saturday night…”That’s the Looby Loo song from the Andy Pandy show. (some may know it as this) Then there’s the putting of right and left foot in, shaking and turning all about; kinda’ Hokey Pokey-esque, which in my opinion is the Universe’s song. I’m sure I never saw the Andy Pandy show but I have certainly heard the Looby-Loo song.

This is all because I did an anagram from the alien toon I came across today. Andy Pandy showed up as well Andy Panda and the Moth, so I went with Andy Pandy for now, even though I know little about the show. My anagram comes from the text, “Hey, just as a goof, let’s stop at that planet and build something totally random, like I dunno…pyramids.” The anagram, in this case, was fun, “Anagram system’s a lot like Braille, Jesus put little dots on top of human hand, I hit dot, got Andy Pandy.”


Another one? Oh sure, why not:

 “Today, all proof amounted to thoughts in dots, a “gradient system”, a path. I just spell like any blind man.”

Goodness, the things I come up with!

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