pasta plays

3-26noodles.jpg“…corkscrew-shaped Alfven waves were converting the motion energy of the sun’s roiling material into heat and a new study argues that the waves were not Alfven waves but kink waves. Reading some science stuff from the mails. On the 24th/25th, pasta seemed to be the connection, but I am just getting ’round to posting on it today.

Everybody needs to argue their point. Mal and Chad were fighting with pasta in the comics, and I think their pasta thing started on the 24th. The universe is weird.


“Kink waves can’t explain why the corona is so hot.” Like anybody really knows. I dunno the illustration above looks more like rigatoni to me. My mind is filled with useless information so I fill it with fun instead. I seem to be on an invisible pasta connection, must be the angel hair. When I opened my jigzone puzzle the other day the title said dolphin art  (now the link names are changed so hitting dolphin art does not show you the spaghetti fork) and the spaghetti fork doesn’t show up in the Recent Puzzles list (Wed Squirrel Peanut Tue Dolphin Art Mon Spring Chicks Sun Hot Air Balloon).

That sorta thing happens a lot with me. I do the best I can to document things as I go along. Since the puzzle list itself still said dolphin art and was available on my computer, I decided to take a screen shot with the properties shown, so here’s my screenshot: 


The puzzle instead showed a fork with spaghetti on it (as you see on the screen) with instructions on how to eat spaghetti:

Spaghetti on a fork. To eat:
1) from the center of the pile of pasta, lift three or four strands of the pasta into the air with the fork.
2) place the end of the fork’s tines next to the edge of the bowl.
3) twirl the fork clockwise until all of the pasta is wound around the fork.
4) lift the fork to their mouth and eat the pasta.

I make some strange connections.

When I went to the Livescience site today I noticed their image of the day (on the 24th) was a panda. I had a panda thing going myself yesterday. If it’s Tuesday it must be Meatless Tuesday , at least in Andy Panda land.  😉

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