Contemporaneous chronology. I’d say. This synchronology is right on the money. I had been on the phone with a friend who lives in Dayton. Her name is Saundra Ros Altman, a patternmaker. She and I discussed that she had a box of magazines she wanted me to have and I said I would make an arrangement with my daughter to get them and keep them for me until she visits again, since she goes by there all the time. A boxful would be too expensive to send these days, and I am in no hurry for them. So I fired off an e-mail to my daughter after I got off the phone and I came to wordpress. I looked at my list of the last fifteen posts and set to anagramming them. I have done that in a previous post called brain hops. I’m sure I am the only person who would think to do such a thing. And I decided to do it again.

These are the titles to the last fifteen posts (at this point)

  • way to go
  • a synthesized stream
  • oh agnes
  • pasta clothing
  • pasta plays
  • marks on the road
  • Looby Loo
  • holy bites
  • processing the day
  • birdagram
  • just another blog entry
  • a smile interpreted
  • nothing much
  • Maundy Thirsty
  • God’s tide of magic
  • and this is what I got when I anagrammed the titles, “I was just on the phone gabbing to my friend Saundra Ros Altman. makes all sized historical clothing patterns. My daughter goes by her daily. My synchronology game open…got the birthday,too. Ghosts do raise a deity. “ Yep, it’s my brother’s birthday today, too. I can’t explain the deity thing, but Happy birthday Steve, wherever you are. I know you are “cognizant”.  😉


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