endless thinking


More ceiling fell in the living room yesterday so I spent most of the day trying to move living room furniture around, sweeping up plaster, wiping down shelving and everything on the shelving. There is not much room to move things since the furniture is wall to wall already. The kitchen is a disaster too, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. My back is not cooperating either. Oh to be three years younger when I had none of the physical problems I do now. Anyway, my earlier post was done this morning, so this is the anagram comic collage post. The text chosen was, “Anything? This sure is news to me. The possibilities are endless. Thinking…thinking…” I anagrammed it a couple of times to fit into the collage:

1.) “Light persons disguise Saint, I think it’s in eye blink sight, I see answer in month.”

2.) “When it’s this persistent it’s a sign. I seek some thing in her building, then I only ask.”

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