not what it appears

“Today’s puzzle is: Dragonfly.” No it isn’t. This is the url given for today, which is a river tug: I’m sure at some point I will see the dragonfly picture. My immediate thought was the movie dragonfly-3-28-08.jpgDragonfly, with Kevin Costner. My mind works that way. Oh well, no dragonfly today, but you know, yesterday’s puzzle was not an azure coast either. Hey, it makes life interesting. We went through this the other day with spaghetti.

I am opening mail at this point. Next mail starts off, “Solar activity is surging.  Three large sunspots have materialized and at least one of them harbors energy for strong solar flares.” Harbors, well, now I understand the river tug instead of a dragonfly. Ya know, the spaghetti/pasta post had a big sun connection, too. I figure solar flares are playing with me, or at least my computer.

 🙂 A World of Possibilities… Now I read The Deep Sea Vent Theory “maybe it was possible that on Enceladus, life started in a “warm little pond” below the icy surface “. Hmmm, panda/ponda, I laugh thinking about a  previous post and continue coming to “we’re seeking to bring together more pieces of this intriguing puzzle. “ Yes, the mail is burping up a few spelling changes. I just smile at where it does it so in the article, I think maybe nine times. It means something as I recall something I read last night about Enoch.

The next article, “…The room was dark except for a light shining on the brain. “You could hear this pop, pop, pop, pop…” More on Enceladus, “Enceladus’ brew is like carbonated water with an essence of natural gas.” Science is wonderful, isn’t it? I love string theory; obviously I string things together a little differently than most.

Time for my morning toons and coffee.

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