could it be music

Enceladus. I was listening to an audio file of the sounds of Enceladus and about the 6-7 second mark noticed what sounded like music (to my ears). I came across this Cassini spacecraft audio file because of what showed up in my anagram tonight. What Ion cyclotron waves? Well, not exactly, but apparently enough information to bring up Enceladus again. It did sound like music to me.  Listen to the sounds of Enceladus yourself.

The beau is changing channels on the TV. “I heard it, I heard, it’s music, just a snatch of it…” I hear on BBC’s Torchwood (9:10 pm) as though an answer to my thoughts. The channel switches again back to IFC. I caught it though, just enough.

I looked up “elite moons”, chose the url of interest and that is that. Tonight’s anagram comes from two bubbles in the collage, “Somebody is looking at me! [and] Of course, lots of people look at us!” The anagram reads, “I also spoke to Lamb of God of secrets you look up elite moons.” I decided not to punctuate it specifically. Notice in the collage the question, “Does art imitate ‘life’ or does ‘life’ imitate art?” The anagram could also read “you look up, see moon lit” instead of you look up elite moons. You and I are often interchangeable in my anagrams. It’s a mirror image thing.


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