you get that…

h2otap.jpgpoppies3-29.jpgand I get this. Still having fun seeing the jigzone puzzles links I get in the mail are obviously different than the ones I get when I click on it separately. Not always, just enough to notice this week. In my mail the link goes to the two California poppies pictured. Sometimes I get the right name and the wrong picture, sometimes something totally different. I liked the spaghetti fork I got the other day. I just keep taking screen shots though, so I can refer back to them. Once again this morning, I went to look at the mail jigzone link, and I got this through my mail. Oh I can figure out how to get the right one…today is Saturday, water tap.  These are follow ups to (yesterdaytwo previous posts where I had to laugh when I saw what happened. I was thinking the CMEs , sunspots or the Solar Cycle 23 and 24 happening at the same time making things hop a bit, but then I am probably the only one to notice. ** Strange but True: While Solar Cycle 24 has begun, Solar Cycle 23 has not ended. Both cycles will coexist for a period of time, perhaps a year or more, as one dies down and the other comes to life. In the months ahead we may see old-cycle sunspots and new-cycle sunspots on the sun at the same time. There were some that popped up last week.

If you bother to go back to look at the other posts, it may help to compare these (what the puzzles are on the site) to the photos I have taken as screen shots from my computer.


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  1. Andrea says:

    I’m only saying hello because for some reason I felt compelled to do a search today for the Honorat Monastery (after I finished the puzzle) and came upon this blog – hmmm

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