more than a squawk

Surely by now you heard about that audio that was made before Thomas Edison took the world by storm when he captured the spoken words “Mary had a little lamb” on a sheet of tinfoil? (If so, but not seen the photo I have on this entry, skip everything else and look at it.) It’s news that’s a few days old. I recently wrote about an old synthesizer on the 27th, but didn’t see the story about that recording which was made 17 years before Edison’s recording until today. I was busy, but now that I have seen it…

I liked the description, “It’s like a ghost singing to you.” The phonautograph recording, or phonautogram, of “visually recorded sound waves” was “made playable” by the scientists of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Hats off to ya’all. I love when discoveries such as these are made. Had you even heard of that machine before the story? Amazing the things “found”, isn’t it? A little revelation goes a long way these days.

I couldn’t help but notice the signage in the room in this photo. Call it a Godwink. Did anyone else happen to notice?

I hear on the TV, “My God what a beautiful shot!” (Discovery channel/Mythbusters 9:58 PM) Love that synchronicity, don’t you?

You can hear the recording and others made by phonautograph here.

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