mī’t re bit

Yes, I am a mī’t bit crazy… I must be to go this route. I started with the jigzone puzzle embedded link in mind this morning, about the time the beau asked where I got the pope’s mitre in the bathroom. He thought it looked a bit heavy for me to wear. Sorry, it is an overturned metal item (made in China), something I can put a plant on, so ha.

notamitre.jpg I got it from the Salvation Army last week, and no it isn’t a real pope’s mitre it just slightly resembles a mitre sitting there. Unsure what century that shape would be from. Anyway…

Online, with the jigzone puzzle of the day in mind, Today’s puzzle is: Honorat Monastery You can access it at www.jigzone.com . I went to a search for the honorat monastery and from one honoratus to the next, settling on the 7th century Honoratus Honoratus of Amiens  just because I like bread so much. Every saint has their individual symbol…I happen to like bread, though the Bishop’s Mitre would be more otherguess.jpgassociated with Yrieix, according to Wikipedia.   😉  One thing leads to another around here. A.D.D. My mind is a dangerous place to visit, so I went to the travelling historian long enough to read the bottom line, “a secret inside an enigma wrapped in a mystery”. Not that big a deal, it’s just the way I read bread…or something.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have made it through a few of the day’s comics, enough that I know I have already made a few connections, which makes me laugh. How many times did I take screen shots of the jigzone puzzles ( see previous posts: pasta plays , not what it appears and you get that…  and of course, there is no one to notice that each of planned3-31.jpgthese has a link on it…to a blogsite called chronicknittingsyndrome. There was a particular entry that caught my attention, but I could never explain why, but will include part of the text that caught my attention, just under the photo, just in case you wanna try to figure out where my mind is going with all of this, ” haven’t been paying sufficient attention either time……lots of gaps…I can focus better…” Well, good luck with that.

I suppose if you look at what is in the collage in pieces it may help…

Hats off to ya’all…as I have said before…hatsoff.jpg

Today’s collage. I call it fuzzy’s logic…it could be music, too.


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