In scrapbooking circles they call these clear stamps “cosmic bubbles” and of course, they have “trubbles”as well. I’d call these bubbles “blurbles.”

I never really got into that sort of thing, scrapbooking, I mean. I did one for my first marriage, before most people did the “modern” scrapbooking you see these days. I started to do one for the second marriage but he was gone before I knew it. It’s funny, that marriage started on an October afternoon. Maybe my scrapbooking or not scrapbooking says something about the marriage, who knows. I probably should’ve used a couple of the ones shown here for my own scrap book, like “You’ve got to be kidding” or “What were we thinking?”

As I finished typing thatI heard on the TV, “you’re kidding, right?” (ot was then on Sci-fi, Battlestar Gallactica @12:23 pm) Thanks for the sychronicity Universe. The TV is on, as usual because the beau is sound asleep with the TV on again while I am making his lunch, “breakfast” by request. He didn’t have breakfast but wanted breakfast foods for lunch. Not helping me much for having been told I have high cholesterol. I could eat something else, but then, there isn’t much here but for “meal” foods, and the carrot and celery sticks I cut up earlier. I will have those later.

This sausage, eggs and pancake meal is taking longer to prepare than I would like because the burner keeps going off, even though it is electric. We have a couple of leaks in the kitchen that have watered the stove enough that it turns itself off at will, thus making it so I need to jostle the burner now and then. Yeah, someday this will be funny!

While on the scrapbooking page I was on, I saw a scrapbooking paper that looks like a skirt I bought last week, reversible…that was funny. I also saw another paper that could make a fun skirt. Kinda’ reminds me of the 70’s, but better. I haven’t bought new clothes in a long time, only a few things recently at Goodwill. I don’t even know what is in style anymore since I am not living with my millenials anymore. It helps to have kids around, no matter what age you are.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. She would’ve been 74. She would’ve made a fun old lady. I sure do miss her. She let her presence be known yesterday, even though she is on another plane. Life’s funny that way sometimes. I guess I am mulling over lots of memories lately, not just the gamma kind, the kind that affect one’s heart, and eyeducts, if you know what I mean. God I wish life was back to normal, whatever that is. Back later.

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