fleur de cow

I took the time to read an interesting faith post  on Monday and a few things stuck in my mind, one of those a photo of some lovely lilac-colored roses. I couldn’t help but think someone special received those, someone who is loved very much. Sometimes a picture tells much more than all the words, which is one reason I really like pictures.

I mentioned earlier that Mary Worth caught my eye within the past couple of days. I think it was the purple/lilac colored sweater on the one characters in the strip this past week…among other things. I remember when I was using part of the toon in my collage I was being made aware of the color of the sweater worn in the illustration. It’s similar in color to the roses on the post mentioned above.

Ahhhh, a rose by any other name…is a connection.

It’s been a long time since anyone gave me flowers, roses especially. My ex used to for all the right occasions, and sometimes just because he said he loved me. picsoul.jpgThat was then, and this is now. Now I just want to be able to afford a rose bush to put in a pot in the yard this year, so I can enjoy the fragrance of roses once again. Fragrance is good for the memory, the mind and the heart, and probably good for the eyes and the soul as well. parrotclose.jpg

What’s that they say about eyes being the window to the soul? Hmmm. I am working on my collage as I work on this post, but the collage will not be ready until later. I need to go to the store first. Anyway…It’s also been a long while since I looked into the eyes of another human being at close range, something I used to enjoy because there is so much to see in the eyes of others. Upon seeing one’s own reflection in the eyes of another living, breathing, human soul, you must tandem4-2.jpgwonder, in more ways then one (“…you just need to get a little closer…” I hear Starbuck say on Battlestar Gallactica @ 1:55PM as I typed) how it is to really see one’s self as others see you.

Synchronous again are we? You heard that, uh, umm, I meant read that, right?

Hmmm, Deus ex machina…yeah, I got that. 

A lilac by any other name is a blue (purple?) cow or boselaphus tragocamelus (and friends).


signs of spring are everywhere


While I am on the subject


Is Godin a coincidence?

Deus ex machina

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