in my machine…

The voice came over my computer speaker,  “…and this will take us right to it, you’ll see a sign…” CB talk as a truck went by, probably talking to another about where to find the bridge (or 421). I get that now and then, a voice passing by, coming through. I also get a strange little puffing sound too, almost like air-morse code, but that’s something else, and generally something only I would notice.

 Just starting my computer  liaison for the day. I am a little later than normal, and I haven’t even begun to look over the cartoons. The beau just got off the computer now that his friend is here and they have started the vat, hoping to get a lot of tin dipped today. He hot-dips tinplate prior to forming product. This will be the first time dipping since, oh, last summer. He hasn’t worked since November, due to a broken hip, so today is a prelude to working again. Part of the reason the friend is in town is to work on a house he bought here in January, and to help the beau cut and dip tin so he can start tracing patterns and cutting parts while on the mend from his hip surgery the first of February. It has been a long wait to do anything, and not much he was able to do while in bed or (still) on crutches. He can still only put about 50 pounds on that side, but with assistance, he can get this done today and do something other than eat, sleep and play computer games.

I just noticed the word of the day is Deus ex machina, New Latin for “God from or out of the machine”; it is a translation of the Greek theos ek mekhanes. Funny. I start every day with God in the machine. 😉  I did a Wiki check for the word too and got this, “The phrase deus ex machina (literally “god out of a machine”) describes an artificial, or improbable, character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot (such as an angel suddenly appearing to solve problems). Kinda’ like the beau’s friend being here to help, as well various other connections. It’s a “God-thing” in my book.

Speaking of “God-things”, the term mostly, the beau spoke with a friend last night on the phone who said he had a “God-thing”, where his son was driving (the three of them), there was some problem with the car and where it happened there was some auto mechanic business that normally does not stay open late open past it’s normal hours, a hotel across the street, and an aquarium nearby to visit (filled with indigenous fishes, which everyone knows is something I want here on the Ohio). He told the beau they thought it was a “God thing”. The beau said I would think it was, especially when they mentioned the aquarium. I just make the connections and things fall into place. God IS the machine, so I kinda’ expect Him to be there in the picture someplace.

As I said, I start my daily liaison with a cup of joe, hopefully sunshine and a few cartoon/comic sites. I have had a running thing lately with Mary Worth, a worthy font of plentiful text.  😉  I will probably use her again later, as I do like how she has popped up in front of the pack lately in my anagrams. Something new every day.

And spring has popped up here overnight, after days of rain, we got some sun yesterday and it is a gorgeous day today. I see blood root and bluebells are up and blooming out front in my twixt-the-road-and-me shade garden. I only have a couple of bluebells. I would love to have a carpet of them. Most people wouldn’t know my garden is there they go past so fast and no one walks here but me and the neighborhood drunk on his way to and from the Salvation Army. I have a lot of work to do outside again this year. Of course I see the weeds already but my back is hurting me too much to do much about it at the moment. The weeds will be there until I can get rid of the kidney infection. Always something.

Time for cartoons/comics for now.

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