today is thursday, april third…

The beagle is now at the pound. As wonderful and cute as he was, he isn’t mine to keep. We called animal control this morning so they could take him to the pound. Well-behaved little guy, tall for a beagle I thought. Very clean dog which obviously has spent little time outdoors. I felt bad that he had to go to the pound, but hopefully someone is either looking for him and will be calling there or will adopt him soon. I know how frantic I would be if mine were missing, but on my walk through the neighborhood last night, knocking on doors, I was told people do dump dogs here by the river. I talked with a woman who said another woman was walking a different dog looking for its owner. Maybe the two dogs were together initially, who knows. The beagle did play well with my mutt. C’est dommage. Dogs need to learn to talk human language so we can help them better.

I started my day off giving a specimen at the hospital. Must have a kidney infection, I can barely operate around here. It’s rainy and cold in the house, and as much as I would love to take a nap, just not happening today. I will probably take a bath to try to relax. We have guests coming for dinner but fortunately I don’t have to cook it. I just need to be entertaining. Not really feeling like it either.

I did get my collage done for the day, and once again, used a Mary Worth comic bubble for the text (I have mentioned her in the last 5 or 6 posts), “It’s a privilege to help others as I’ve been helped!…in any way I can, whether it’s advising someone…” for an anagram that goes right along with the guy saying, “Today is Thursday”. “So, on April third, I awe…we live in the open any place I see beings… even my Ghost has visited Earth.” Sorry if the punctuation in the collage is different.


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