i can do that

Can you DO that? Do what? The in/out thing. It isn’t rocket science, you know. It’s in the machine, and in yesterday’s post, remember? It’s always there, whatever it is. Yesterday I slid a text bubble into the collage but didn’t post the anagram I got from it, deciding to do so today, though the Mary Worth comic strip bubble I anagrammed gave me a hint of the direction of the nexus.

Part of a yesterday’s Cow & Boy comic strip text, “Maybe my performance alone will be enough to change the world, byinspiring nations to throw down their arms and realize the folly of war” gave me some very interesting anagrams, of which I give you two:

1.) “Top archangel will come first; ion rainbow allowed my hidden eye thought before man born; artezian worthy of answering them personally.”

2.) Beings come in the form of an archangel…they opened/went through my personal mail, I answer it, Lord…they follow artezian world by rainbow.”






I did today’s collage…but have not done another anagram yet. Gotta save something.

I can do that…
There’s a part of the collage today that reminded me of a bible passage
which started with  😉  
20-20 vision.
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One Response to i can do that

  1. Michelle says:

    I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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