faith and popcorn

Today’s Grizzwells comic strip contains the connection. In my collage it is changed a little, because I was working on something else, but you need to see it all.

My collage  came together in such a way that I couldn’t help but notice it contains a connection to recent posts that I looked at yesterday on Michelle’s Consider Jesus blog wherein she mentioned getting a (calling it a “bomb”) gift from someone, pilgrims and trees, and in a previous post she used the term “arguing with a fencepost”. My brain contains strange and wonderful connections. I just couldn’t help but laugh when I put things together in the collage, thinking, God is “da bomb”, is He not?


I decided to send Michelle a copy of the collage just prior to my own post about it and the mail came. today\'s giftWe normally don’t get mail until about 3 hours later in the afternoon. So I stopped a moment to open the envelope since the beau was so excited about the shape of it and where it came from. He tried to make me guess where it came from, I said his mother, who sends strange stuff, and a few others, and after a few incorrect guesses he handed me the envelope.

My “home” church in Cincinnati (Armstrong Chapel) sent it. It contains a CD and some information about the changes in the building and missions. I opened it and knew immediately to take a picture of it. Sorry all I have for internet pictures is an old logicam, but you get the idea when you see the comic strip and contents together. One of the items in the envelope is a package of Trail’s End popcorn on which is a sticker which says, “Creating Tomorrow Today, as you watch Lives Changed and Changing enjoy this package of popcorn purchased by Armstrong Chapel UMC…” You get the idea.

 I’ll share….later.

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