spring mania

Cincinnati ZooDays like today, I wanna be in Cincy. I miss all the parks, the springtime woods walks, and the zoo in bloom. Cincinnati uses its parks all the time, and there is always something to see or do. I wish I could hop in a car and go, but…that will have to wait. I haven’t been to Cincy since last year, and that is too long a time to me. The Cincinnati Zoo’s Tulip Mania started today, so if in the mood for outdoor color inhalation, that will do ya.

“You can call her house a bit of a zoo,” I hear on HGTV, and I laugh at the synchronicity of the moment. Things go that way around here. But as for blooms, the blood root and bluebells have popped out their fanciful flower faces but those daffodils aren’t quite ready yet. Maybe tomorrow a few will burst open here. A few of the snowball bushes have teensy blossoms on them, but no profusion as of yet. I’ll take what I can get for now. Madison does have its garden and house tours but I am really a fan of Cincinnati’s outdoors… so I miss it.

I guess you can take me out of Cincy but you can’t take Cincy out of me. Too many memories there, and I need them, good and bad, to get me through each day that I look at all the work that needs to be done here, and will probably never happen. I miss having the beauty and serenity around me. I live in chaos. Boo. At some point I hope to be able to get to know Clifty Falls State Park, but that will be a while yet. I did go outside about a half hour today, took a little walk about the yard, but my kidney infection won’t let me stay out to enjoy it. Boo hoo. My mind wanders and I dream of what life would be like had things been different.

I have spring mania and really need to get out and start living again.

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One Response to spring mania

  1. Michelle says:


    I’m thinking similar minds travel down similar paths.

    Praise God – Spring has Sprung!!

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