fatima, is that you?

The strangest things come up in my anagrams, but then, I expect anything is possible and because of that, something unusual usually does happen when I have my little conversations with God, do comic strip collages and then anagram. Of course, few people actually do those things daily but me.

Well, today was a little different in that Fatima came (in an anagram). Our Lady of Fatima is the name given the Blessed Virgin Mary by people who believed she appeared to three shepherd children in 1917, outside the village of Aljustrel, near Fatima, Portugal. She didn’t actually come to my house for a photo opt today, but “Fatima” let her presence be known.

I did a couple of collages, and then found a couple of anagrams in each of the collages, and saw they were connected. Last one first. Fatima showed up when I did the anagram from the text, It’s amazing how anagrams of words unlock their secret meaning.” The anagram reads, “We’re almost on sun Fatima, check ghost wings and gaze in a mirror.”

The Fatima “event” is sometimes called the miracle of the sun, though no unusual scientifically documented solar events occurred that day. One of the children, Lúcia, described seeing the lady as “brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal glass filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun.” Some might think there were aliens visiting that day acorind to one of the descriptions, but I cannot tell you what to believe. Wikipedia’s article says, “Estimates of the number of witnesses range from 30,000-40,000 by Avelino de Almeida, writing for the Portuguese newspaper O Século,[5] to 100,000, estimated by Dr. Joseph Garrett, professor of natural sciences at the University of Coimbra,[6] both of whom were present that day.[7]

I’m just reporting what’s in my collage and anagram. What do I know? 😉

Read through the collage below, you might enjoy a new perspective. These are all pieces of today’s comic strips, the popcorn inference was funny to me because of a recent post called faith and popcorn.

Previous to that collage I did this one, which included two anagrams:

Previous posts may help you tie the collages to the nexus I write in every day. The text from the first anagram, “Bags under my eyes, gray hair, crow’s feet, turkey neck” became, “Sky agreed, new sun ray forces my truer eyesight back.” Interesting, don’t you think? Kinda’ ties in the the Fatima thing. BTW, I am cooking a small turkey today, and noticed when I opened the package and cleaned it, there was only a turkey neck inside the cavity, no other organs. Ok, back to the collage/anagrams.

The second anagram, “Look at her, sitting on the couch, silent. Sometimes she’s so mysterious,” anagrammed to “One’s home church’s timing settles the issue…story is one I look at most.” I did look at the Cd my home church sent, as mentioned the other day, but haven’t eaten the popcorn yet. The “timing” of that was interesting as well. As for the popcorn, I need to wait for a day when I eat less salt, since microwaveable popcorn is usually fairly salty. I’m trying to cut back.

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