6 degrees

Is six degrees a hot enough difference to fry bacon on the sidewalk? I am waiting for a new book to be delivered today, Six Degrees, Our Future on a Hotter Planet. I have HGTV on and hear them say, “there is a separation between them.” Yes, the 6 degrees of separation is different. First of all the six degrees the book mentions is six degrees in celsius, and 1 degree Celsius is equal to 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, thus 6 degrees is 10.8.  I realize it is the same, but it’s different and it affects my thinking. A “6-degree” increase would eliminate most life on Earth, including us, or at least most humans. Thus my mind thinks differently because I am not mathematically inclined to make the jumnp right now, but once I get the book (later today) I am sure the math won’t be a problem. I don’t know if I should “worry” about the difference in temperature or not because there is a certain amount of future events that I cannot do anything about. Maybe we could all become extremophiles, or maybe we already are, who knows.  I have already put my call in about saving the planet, the rest is up to…

Phone…the doctor’s office called. I need to go in tomorrow since the kidney infection is not gone; I need more meds. I just need more meds, not a doctor visit. I tried to explain the other day that the infection was bad. Nothing else to look at but another specimen. Oh well. Meanwhile… my friend Darlene just came by with the book (Six Degrees) from the library. It helps to have friends that don’t mind a few errands while they are out and about; she went ahead and put the loan on her own card. Great, I’ll have something new to read later tonight. I need to take advantage of the degrees outside today as well, for just sitting in the light (the house is soooo dark all the time) and for getting a load of laundry done. I need the warmth of the sun, it will be raining a few days.


Distracted already, as I was writing the blog entry at the same time I opened my comics for the day,  the next one and next one seemed to fit in, and when I saw a comic strip mention bacon I knew it was time to stop this entry and do another later after putting some into a collage.  Just the way it works around here. I need to get a load of laundry done anyway.


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