a reel dance

If you look up reel, you will see there are four dances. The illustration shows “The start of a right-shoulder reel of three. The three dancers simultaneously follow the same path, starting from different points and ending where they began.”  According to wikipedia, “The most common reel is the reel of three, in which, as the name implies, three dancers weave in and out of one another, completing a figure 8 pattern on the floor. The dancers simultaneously follow the same path, but begin the pattern at different points and when the reel is finished, all three dancers will be back where they began.”

If you look at the collage I did earlier today, you will see these four parts of today’s comics appear in the collage. I could have anagrammed all four of the text bubbles, but chose one to be the leader and the other three are doing “the dance.”

Characters in today’s anagram collage are from Peanuts, Mary Worth, Over the Hedge and the Fusco Brothers. The Peanuts text is the leader which says, “Well at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it but I finally got here under the influence of influence.” I may anagram it but not tonight. There are three more text bubbles int he collage, in a certain order, The text from Mary Worth, “I’m looking for a solution to my dilemma, even though I don;t have much time left to find one” anagrammed to “They felt an uncommon love go through him. It moved to a fluke dimension of time dilation.” Sorry it appears different in the collage, that happens sometimes. The Over-the-Hedge comic excerpt, “I think my brain cells are concentrated somewhere outside of my body” gave me this anagram, “If you blame her I’d reel; the woman in sickbed’s connected to Mary story.” Mary as in Mary Worth, or maybe another Mary.  😉  The Fusco Brothers text, “Having the ability to read thought balloons, I find all of this quite poignant” was so obvious, it anagrammed to “I haven’t found a toon that has quite this final probablility…giggle to hold in.” They all seem to have a connection.

Some dance. Eh?

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