the sun is blank

which means it has no spots…no sun “spots” it is spotless. Just a big orange ball in the sky. Nothing else, right? Well, it has a few holes here and there and today our little blue ball is inside a solar wind stream flowing from the coronal hole shown in today’s Soho photo. It’s kinda’ a crooked little smile, or grin, don’t you think? Does it feel warmer to you with that gentle warm breeze blowing on your face?  It’s doing a fine job on my clothes on the line today, a free dryer. I actually have a dryer in the basement, but haven’t used it since moving to Madison, mainly because there’s no 220 in that location,yet I don’t really mind drying on the clothesline when it is nice. Winter, yuck, I have to plan using the clotheslines accordingly. But today, fresh lined-dryed clothes. I love springtime.

The daffodils are finally causing a riot outside today, as well more of the little woodland flowers. Other bulbs’ greens are almost a foot tall. I moved a little wood in the yard today and put newspapers on top of some weeds that I can’t use anything else on right now because I have no money to buy weed-killing products. Digging only goes so far here. I moved a couple of pieces of cedar to the front porch, lacing them to the top of the rusty chain link fencing that keeps the dog in. It works for now, and when the vines start growing it will hold up a little better. I would prefer a more rustic look out there, something that is actually a step up from delapidation. You’d have to see it to believe it around here. The place really is falling apart. Oh well…

The Pleiades, a.k.a. the Seven Sisters, and the Moon will be in conjunction (from the perspective down here) tonight too, best seen right after sunset, look west and to the moon for the 7 sparklers and friends. I doubt I will see much of it as rain is moving into the area later, so there will probably be cloud cover. It’s cloudy here already. I miss those special telescope nights at the Mt. Lookout observatory in Cincinnati, also known as the Cincinnati Observatory. I don’t have a telescope or really good pair of binos anymore, so I miss out on some celestial views. Sometimes when looking through the telescope I felt as though there were just little pictures done in colored pencils and stuck on the end of that long tube, to make it look like there is something out there. It could all be an illusion you know. I certainly have no way to prove any of it exists. Sometimes you just have to believe what you see or see of the photos of others. Makes you wonder what is real and what is fake sometimes. Any hoots, if you have never looked through a giant telescope it is certainly worth a looksee.

That reminds me, there’s a quick little test on fake and real art on a website whose statistics (one of three sites) were analyzed as part of study to show what the internet looks like; the researchers constructed a model of the Web using their traffic statistics.

I looked at some of my mail. I finally got around to my physorg mail and noted an article on meteorites seeding the earth. They mentioned chirality and I looked at the date on the article, which was the same day I seemed to have my chiral thing going on. Must be that “connection” I get. I’m sure that article was written before I put my little blurb on, but honestly, I did not see the article until today. I am kinda’ rambling on again…no real focus today, sorry.

I did do a collage, but haven’t done an anagram today. I actually picked something to anagram that is not in the collage, which is something I used to do all the time. Enjoy the collage for what it is, and come back for the anagram later. The bacon reference is in the collage because it connects to the last post, six degrees.

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