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I was searching my own blog again. I knew it was someplace, it’s in my post mī’t re bit.

You would have to know it is there to find it, because the “man in mask” I was looking for is hidden in a link for the man in the iron mask, which is found in the link in this sentence, “My mind is a dangerous place to visit, so I went to the travelling historian long enough to read the bottom line, “a secret inside an enigma wrapped in a mystery”. I bring it up because “man in mask” came up in my anagram today. The text I am using for anagrams comes from one of the comic thought balloons in my collage, “What? Oh, I didn’t know I was making something! My mind was elsewhere I guess.”

I’ll just give 2 anagrams now:

1.) “I see God. His knowledge is my guide. What man thinks is math remains on http://www.”

2.) “God is my guide. I witness with man in mask. He shares knowledge with woman.”

I went to the doctor’s earlier today, and got more meds for my kidney problem. I was able to get some of the front raked because the meds are working. In two weeks I will do another specimen to make sure the infection is gone. I hate being slowed down this time of year. The doctor did warn me if I can’t get my triglycerides and cholesterol down I will have to go on medication. I will try to get my weight down. I have already lost two pounds since my last weigh in a week ago. Must be the windmill cookie diet I am on. I think eating 4 windmill cookies a day is the secret to losing the weight. As for the triglyercides and cholesterol, I haven’t figured out what else to eat or not eat to change things, other than cutting out the bread. How can an Italian survive on a tomato and bread free diet? I’ll figure something out.

Rambling on again…  😉  Meanwhile, weeds await me outside. That has to burn a few calories.

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