a little dust

I read a science.nasa.gov article (4-10) and for some reason immediately starting removing words, which gave me an entirely different feel to the article. I call my version

dust in the wind 

It could make for a pretty “dry” story, but the dust in your mother’s attic has curious tales to tell.

A group of what you might call “active listeners” have been scrutinizing all this.

Why such attention? Humans will have to know what to expect.

We’re trying…dials all but unreadable and, in effect, realistic. Abbas examined the effects to help construct theories. Now they are investigating.

Fortunately, we know Abbas had some surprising results, finding that individuals do not act the same put together. Existing theories don’t apply When it comes to individualists capable of eccentric and surprising behavior. For instance, a more positive result.

Not all behave this way. We believe the single results are closer to what’s really happening. We’re finding something odd; it’s going to be a little different than you thought.

You can bet mission planners will be listening.

 http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/10apr_moondustinthewind.htm?list130583 is where you’ll find the original intact story for comparison.

***the word Abbas comes to me as very old one, it derives from the Aramaic ab (“father”), or aba (“my father”), which in the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Old Testament) and in New Testament Greek was written abbas.

Yesterday, I didn’t get back to posting an “after” toon that was in the collage (see the sun is blank post). I call it “synchronousminutus” because I came across the cartoon to the right after I pasted the other one in the collage and heard on TV (the Outer Limits was on) at the same time, “a little suction please.”  Those synchronicities marked by close attention to details are always fun! Yes, following the herd would be easy, but I have never really been known to do that.

As I have said, I seriously doubt you will find anyone else on the net doing the same thing I am doing in a blog every day. Some may not even call this blogging. Maybe a good thing, but maybe just because no one else is crazy enough to try either.  ;)

I did do a collage today, but not in the mood to do the anagrams. Been a long day for me today and no, I am not explaining. It took about 10 tries to get this blog up tonight, due to technical difficulties. So I hope y’all enjoy it. Tomorrow is another day!

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