gremlins versus my mind

After not sleeping but for maybe 3 hours for two days now, I am in a brain fog. I ordered a bunch of library books online last night, woke up, took the card out, put it on the table and decided I would go in an hour to pick up the armload of books. Then, what appeared to be a beautiful day of sunshine turned into a downpour. I got up to brush my teeth just as my friend came by with newspapers, thinking maybe she got my email about going to the library today. She told me she was going to Lexington for the day and would pick them up later and I offered my card, or I should say I went to get my card, and it was not where I thought I left it, on the table. After she left I found it of course, back in the wallet.

Unless the gremlins put it there, I did, so my mind must be in a fog this morning, on autopilot somehow, without my being aware. There IS that. I generally put my Cincinnati library card and the Madison card back to back in my card wallet, so it was no wonder I couldn’t find it when I couldn’t find it on the table where I thought I left it. It was between two other cards, where I would not normally put it. Goes with the day, I figured I was not supposed to go to the library today or to give her my card to pick them up. I try to go with what I am given, but sometimes it can be exasperating. Moments like that exhaust my mind. I doubt it is Alzheimers this week, just lack of sleep or maybe just remembering in another dimension I must have whipped the card out and put it back sometime between seeing her pull in, brushing my teeth and going to the door to greet her. Strange things Do really happen around here.

I went to a site I normally look at each morning for comics and now have to register for them. One more step I didn’t need before my coffee. Still, I am trying to go with the flow. As soon as I registered I noticed an article with a headline about sawdust, and figured OK, it IS the gremlins and they all just want me to see the connection between last night’s post and my first morning connection-dust-in this case, moondust and sawdust. In this case though, I made the connection on more than one level, and went on to note a new word (for me) the word “spiegeltent”  (“mirror tent of the early 1900s, a collapsible cabaret-dance hall-saloon that took its name from the mirrors that festooned its canvas walls and brought flirtatious patrons within winking distance of one another.”) Funny little world today. It’s nice to learn something new. Ah yes…

**The library just called to let me know all the books are ready, so all stop while I go get them.


La la, di da…after another downpour or two came the sun atarted peeking in and out of the clouds. In the middle of this particular blog entry I decided to venture out to the library. Yes, indeed. An hour later, I am back at my post, and it appears as though I never left.   😉

 I got a slew of books, stopped to get fake beer (O’Doul’s) for the beau, Salvation Army for a lamp shade and some fabric trim, the Dollar General for seeds and, after another downpour while out  made me wait a few minutes (I can’t do windshield wipers well yet), I’m back to see the delicate, white-flowered, snowball bushes I planted yesterday look just fine out front. A visual pick me up on this off-and-on rainy day. Weather is going to be cold and rainy for a few days but then it will be spring again. In the meantime, I will have enough reading to keep me occupied.  The gremlins can go about their business for the day, I did what I needed to do. Now, it’s just comics and anagrams later today, and the dust will settle in all the rain.

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