The way my day goes…two accelerators showed up synchronistically…one in a comic strips and one on HGTV, both for particles, but different. One was a concrete accelerator and one was a particle accelerator. I figured I should include dancing leptons someplace in my collage today, so there is a hint they are there. My brain goes from particle physics and the mystery of the masses of quarks and leptons to epistemology. It’s all in my head, but not limited to my brain…it’s accelerating. It’s funny how I can link Scottish dancing and accelerators in a week of blogging just by going with the flow of the moment and my observation of comics. Anything is possible.

As I get ready to post this entry, “I hear on HGTV the woman (whose house was just updated) say, “It’s no longer impossible!”

Today’s collage of comics…I’ll anagram later…it’s a matter of priorities around here.

Remember…Matter and antimatter dance to different



Only slightly different, but still different.

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