picturesque sequencing

Today’s finished anagram reads, “Lord spoke, do not start any job soon, put up answers through picturesque sequences. Don’t worry, they know that I know how to handle that…possible holy visionary has that subtle link on post; ectophile came back…may keep transforming life.” This totally connects to the last post, because it contains the fully used text from all the thought bubbles in the collage, which is why it is longer than usual. I used all of the text except for the door sign in the one illustration, and you know, if you wanna use that, go head, I’m fine with what I got from the texts. That works, doesn’t it?  😉

Another anagram reads,

” We hold onto crown of thorns, they just don’t show up, happy I took a chance on asks why ectoplasm’s quiet, only think about one big truth, others may appear by secret knowledge, Lord kept our plans quiet, thanks transforms lives.”

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