elitist got next

It was funny…after watching jon stewart’s the daily show tonight, hearing the catch-word of the day was elite/elitist I had to put this other anagram on that I did not use on my earlier post. I wasn’t sure I needed one more anagram at the time, but since hearing the word elitist said so many times in news bites this evening (try the last half of the “gaffe-in” video on the site for the sound bites) I had to add this one on. The comic strip text used was ““The possibility of finding something extremely interesting” (you can see I used it in the first collage mentioned) and this anagram reads:

“If they find grey men or get elitist next, nothing is impossible!” I guess nothing is impossible.

On the collage you see I looked up the word after looking at Bob the Squirrel in my comics. I wasn’t sure of the spelling for some reason, and no, I had not heard anyone else say the word at that point in the morning’s comics line-up, just a little brain fog. As Jon said, “Doesn’t elitist mean good?” I got that.

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