flying extremophiles

in my post, in my anagrams today. I put out a little “probe” the other day just to see how things would come back and see to how things would show up in my daily comics, collages and anagrams. God never fails to amaze me, and once again, He is in my comics collages and anagrams, not that anyone else would know. Extremophiles have been popping up lately, and today is no exception. Using the text from one of today’s comic strip thought bubbles, “The possibility of finding something extremely interesting” gave me a few giggles:

1.) Greet infinity’s flying test, extremophile got behind mission [or maybe that was really supposed to be] “Greet extremophile’s flying test, Infinity got behind mission.”   Either way, your choice.  😉

2.) E.T’s infinity test, extremophile missed nothing, going briefly…

3.) I find first elite grey men, they got next, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

4.) I’m finding I get the top string theory’s life extension by smile.

5.) Try “engineer’s” theology, get impossible fit, finish text in mind.”

OK, enough of that…

The day’s collage is kinda’ fun too, especially if you follow along in my daily cartoon/comics collages. It is reassuring to me to think there is someone who still watches out for me, as one comic alludes, and that though things may seem a little strange now and then, everything is as it should be. It’s a subtly layered world we live in, where nothing is impossible, not even flying extremophiles, depending on one’s definition, I suppose. I’d say anything that lives (or flies) unnoticed is in an extreme condition.  😉

“…confine your search to little grey men,” I hear on the Sci-fi channel just as I was about to post. Funny, universe, yes sir, I’ll do that.


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