winged lion

I don’t know how you feel about symbolism, but it can be very telling at times, and I am not even talking about what’s in the dreams, just what’s in the anagrams I do. I know, anagrams every day can be tiring, but I have a connection that is there every day in the comics that I just can’t ignore. The winged griffin (or gryphon as some might call them) in this case is the winged lion, not half falcon/lion or something else. Just a flying lion. the herald. There is something to all this, but if you haven’t been following along, I can’t explain in one short entry. Go back in the blog and follow along a while, see if you can tell what’s going on, if you are interested. It’s a nexus, that’s all I can say…I get it as I get it.

In two earlier posts today, flying extremophiles and a few alterations I used different text from my comics collage for anagrams, but things have a way of fitting together. From the same collage I am now using two text frames with Snuffy Smith and friend; the texts read, “Ev’rywhar I go I feel like I’m bein’ watched [and] Oh, relax, Snuffy, it ain’t no diff’rint than it’s always been.”  Just a couple of alien-related anagrams: “If lion flew by, finished early in area; think alien is trying to fix what bent UFO… watch eve’s dream.” Another anagram is “Watch God fix every real alien’s UFO, make it fly better in the rainbow…wise half in infinity’s hand.”

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