lazy anagram

I’m depressed. I signed my name on a check for the beau’s taxes today. More debt I don’t want on my credit card, but he had no other way to pay it, and has filed an extension. I have been here before, to the tune of thousands with my ex #2. Now I have no money. Everything is relative. Oh, sure, he promises it will be paid in a few months, but the charges put on June two years ago haven’t been completely paid off, so yeah, I would like to see a miracle. I did put a pair of glasses on the credit card, and yeah, he is paying the minimum every month, but I still don’t like it. Paying 14% interest and the minimum means it will take forever to pay it off now. I am mired in here, and do not like it a bit. I could sure use that sugar daddy he mentioned this morning. I don’t have a sugar daddy and certainly am not having any fun one might have itf they had one, so I could use one. Oh I know, most might think me too old for that sort of thing. I don’t like being in debt at all, especially when I didn’t incur it…just bailing someone else out. Been there, done that, and now I have no retirement. In my next life I do not want to go through all of this, please, so I am putting in my order now.

I am also depressed because my son’s birthday is coming up and once again I have no gift and cannot visit. I was with him every day of his life until I moved here three years ago. The last three years have been terrible for me when I am not there on my kids’ birthdays. All I do is cry these days because I miss them so much. I suppose it would be different if I could see them more often, but I am just miserable most of the time. I miss my family and friends.

I live on anagrams. They aren’t very filling. Good thing God loves me, otherwise I would really be havign a bad day. I did my collage today and have one anagram only at this time. It includes the pope, who is visiting the US today. The text I used for the anagram was, “It’s at moments like this that I seriously rethink taking up residence on another planet” for a real lazy anagram, “A resident in the sky thinks that’s another religious moment, it’s clear I tune in Pope talk.”


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