i need a break from boredom

A couple of days ago I wrote, ” A recurrence tunnel…hmmm…it must be like deja vu,” so when I saw today’s (nest heads) comic strip had done a little recurrence toon which I thought was funny, I smiled anyway. Maybe it’s just me. Life runs in cycles, and I guess a little deja vu goes a long way. My anagram yesterday included the pope and “a resident in the sky” so it wasn’t too big a jump to use a portion of non sequitur’s strip in today’s collage. That would be the portion outlined in red, the weirdness in the sky. My own private joke I suppose, but these goofy little connections give me something to smile about. I am horribly bored today. I have days when I need cheering up just like everyone else, but it mostly depends on my own doing. I am easily amused these days, thank God.

I am getting tired of the kidney infection/backache, and only being able to do a minute amount of work around here. I know all the things going on with my health are related, but I am not very patient about it, though I am trying to be a good patient. I need to lose weight, cut down on calories, cholesterol, triglycerides and salt, and have actually lost a couple of pounds, but I feel deprived already just trying to figure out a diet plan. Oh well. I told the doctor I wanted to try without meds, so I brought it on myself.

Today it is beautiful outside, in the low seventies and I would love to be able to do my usual spring overhaul in the yard…it’s going to have to wait though. Grrr. I did put up my hammock today and got in it for about 3 minutes. Lord knows last year it was a bone of contention around here, being promised it would be up soon, and it was fall before I got to use it. Waiting for someone else to do something just doesn’t work. Glorious fall (last year) gave me a week or so to use the hammock though, so it made up a little for an entire spring and summer of not having a hammock. Obviously, I am happy that’s over and I can now use it whenever I want.

A couple of years ago I was a powerhouse of activity, and these days I can work about an hour, tops, then need to rest. I want my life back. I have had it with vertigo and not being able to do what I want in the yard. That is the only place I can “do” anything around here, other than scraping off lead paint. It’s not my house, so I can’t just knock down walls and do what I would like, nor can I do anything on my time schedule. I am used to working on lots of projects, but it ain’t mine and I have no money to do anything anyway. Some life, eh? My creativity has been reduced to cleaning and yardwork. Today is just another boring day so far.

You know, if I didn’t go to church a couple of times a week I would have no life at all. It has saved me from going completely nuts. Well,  that may be open to debate. It’s more getting out and doing something regularly than anything else. God and I talk all the time, so the building isn’t so important as to what I get out of it. There is much to be said for how people use religion. I know lots of folks are thrilled about the Pope visiting, and many are making the trip of a lifetime to try to get a glimpse of him. A lot of hope goes into his visit. I have never had that kind of thrill for seeing any celebrity or religious figure. I guess it’s a funny human thing that many people have, just not me. I don’t know why.

Enough rambling. I went ahead and did today’s collage, but only did one anagram, well, actually I did two. I was going to go outside to enjoy what I could of sit down weeding or something. I had a couple of loads of laundry to take down from the clothesline, and yes, I live in the dark ages of laundry technology, but it gives me something to do outside for a few minutes.

I do need to make a grocery run for a few things, and then maybe can watch some clouds later. Maybe something will happen to break the boredom other than weeding. Do you think anyone has thrown a Kruggerand into the weeds for me to find? I doubt it, but it’s always good to imagine SOMETHING!!!!!

From today’s random text pick, “Actual human beings are being impacted by the data collection that goes on here” came these two anagrams:

1.) Catch the male garb among the United Nations diocese…get the Abba neural policy.

2.) You laugh at me babel pet, a mental tidbit: one diocese character changes nothing.

**I hear Muldar say (Sci-fi on TV) “there is a connection” as I added the anagrams to my post.

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