My daughter called me today about an artist she met recently, saying wanted me to look her up online because she thought I might like her artwork and her story. The artist (Devon Hansen) was once a homeless woman, but that is just part of her life story, not who she is, and now she has own successful art gallery in Dayton, Ohio. (Channel 2 Heartpeople Coverage.) The website, Heartpeople, Inc. was a pleasure to look over, and I figured since my daughter was impressed I should at least give a plug for whatever that is worth on a blog. Her childlike illustrations are colorful and a style all her own. My daughter said she needs some of this kind of color in her bland home environment. I told her to get busy and do some of her own artwork, since she is talented enough to do her own artwork as well. I can appreciate that another’s artwork gives her motivation to add color to her life again. Isn’t that what art is all about, to help us think and feel? Bravo!

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