it’s like pictionary

 Earlier I wrote, I saw that many would be getting a “shaking” in the collage, so I chalk up one more for the way God hints at what’s coming. It’s always in the anagrams.” So the anagram does relate, as is generally the rule, if you wanna say there are any rules to this game the universe (God) and I play. It is kinda’ like pictionary, though sometimes it is more like mirroring a language, or illustrating through collages. To me words are art. Today’s anagram, “If you’d answer in coded idea, I’d chalk it up to tenacity–I made your way special” came from two of BC’s frames today, and was mentioned in the earlier post perspicacity. I used the text of two frames today, “If I said you lacked perspicacity what would it mean you needed? A dictionary.”   In the post I wrote about the earthquake this morning (5.2 eh?

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