a sign

Messages from beyond? Why not. I have no idea where those messages might be from or from whom messages may be received. The fact is, there are a whole lotta people a whole lot smarter than me looking for messages from someplace, but that doesn’t mean they will get them first. Well, they could get them, just not in the form they expect. My collage is rather lengthy today, but certainly worthwhile. I sometimes have to put it all in at once so I don’t forget what the message is. Today’s anagram comes from text in today’s Cow & Boy comic strip, but it points to Over the Hedge’s raccoon which points to the two posts recently that contain  references to “raccoon”. But that isn’t limited to what is here. Just read through the comics collage and the previous posts to see if you can connect them. I already have.

A commercial jingle showed up in my post recently, as well as another word for peace. In the collage a comic strip used words to a song that says, “I’ve got one hand in my pocket and the other is giving the peace sign.” That led me to the yellow taxi, a song by Joni Mitchell in which she sings, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” Ah, love that stream of consciousness thing that happens, don’t you? But most people don’t or won’t think that way. But because I do, I found the word Om Shanti means peace, and there is a song sung by someone named Raccoon, who has gone beyond.

The anagram today, using the text (from Cow & Boy), “That they’re a stagnant wasteland of blandness and predictability that make no attempt to remain relevant in an ever changing and complex world,” reads, “Brain talks by dividing letters, mind wanted an antenna, want fantastic example? Over the Hedge raccoon told that last anagram…pretty phenomenal!” I think so, too. I think anagrams are a phenomenal way to communicate and if there are other beings out there, they are certainly a whole lot smarter than us insofar as how to communicate. We are just now able to figure out what dogs are saying, and with a lot of work, able to teach gorillas to sign. If I were an alien, it would be a challenge as to how to teach humans to understand my language. Anagrams would be a good place to start, don’t you think? I also think it is another way God talks to us.

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