holy monday

Yesterday’s moon was full and today is Holy Monday, which started the Orthodox Holy Week (Holy Week in the Eastern Church begins the day after Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Friday). Pascha, which is this coming Sunday, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. I already celebrated my Easter when I wrote about a week-long revival at the church I attend. On the 19th,  the Jewish holiday of Passover began with many families coming together to celebrate the Jewish Exodus from slavery in ancient Egypt. Aren’t we fortunate to live in a world where so many peoples of different religions can celebrate according to their choice or family traditions? I wish I could attend a different place every week, so I could learn something special about each and every place built where others gather in worship. Just a thought. I know there are some Greek families in town, but don’t know where they worship. The Holy Week thoughts came up when I did today’s anagram using today’s partial Monty text, “Uh, I don’t know…time travel can be pretty risky…one false move and the whole space-time continuum is changed…” There were two anagrams, one says, “I stated past map knowledge; universe motivated channel, I cite my church, number of nations note holy week.” That’s why I mentioned it is Holy Week. All things relate. The other anagram, “I know many can’t interpret me but it’s my choice; when I speak I startle them…found angel house and loved “cove”. Actually, there is a little sign in the yard that has the word COVE on it; it’s hanging on old fencing by my patio. I’d share a photo but the logicam would never be able to pick up the detail from the window. I told you my anagrams teach, or at least tell, if nothing else.  🙂

Speaking of telling, this is today’s full comics collage. If it tells you something or teaches you, great. I can’t explain everything all the time, but can only say, it is part of the nexus.

The bottom of this collage relates to my last post which relates to the one before that, and so on, and so on…

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