altered reality

I ran across an iconogram e-card site yesterday, which is why I have the beautiful image here for Earth Day. The description says, in part, “Earth Day is a time to celebrate gains we have made and create new visions to accelerate environmental progress. “ The only “environmental progress” I made today was in planting some flower seeds, though those same exact words DID show up in my anagram, curiously enough, just as I was ready to post. It works that way sometimes. I planted a zinnia mix, mixed impatiens and a shade wildflower mix, and that was all I could do today outside. Shows you how worn out I am physically these days. I went to the store and by the time I got the seeds planted that was all I could do. I sure would like my old body back!  With that said, I got on the computer to do my collage and anagrams and though the collage is small, there were a couple of anagrams using text from today’s Brewster Rockit comic strip. The text used was, “Why are you altering reality? Because I can. You exist for my amusement on my metaphyscial hard drive.” The anagrams are:

1.) “Before my arrival day I use the mental atlas; see why you use your comic text…many praying I’m nice.”

2.) “I’ll use “environmental progress” text, they can see you mimic me, A.I. may carry you away by due faith.”

As you see I DID in fact, use the same text that was on the page for the iconograms, in particular the Earth Day page. Just another one of those things, isn’t it? Altered reality, yep, it has been altered, at least that is my philosophy. Comics philosophy is cosmic, whoda thunk?

PS> the taxi relates to a previous post

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