I’m one of those. I question everything. Not all the time, or all at once, but at some point, everything is worthy of a thought or question. Today I am kinda’ wondering what it would be like to be up there, hanging out in outer space, looking down on our little blue planet. To be able to take a float about (or not if on a ship that compensates) and watch the clouds swirling below. It’s like being in my hammock, but not. I watch the wind push the clouds by and wonder about my connection to the origin of unknown things. I pause a moment in my post knowing there is something I haven’t seen yet today.(Time elapses…)

Yes…there is an article on the placenta just now at livescience. Don’t ask why I do these things, but I do know when “something” is calling. This is what I found:


“The placenta is this amazing, complex structure and it’s unique to mammals, but we’ve had no idea what its evolutionary origins are,” said researcher Julie Baker, a molecular biologist at Stanford University in California. 

Yeah, there’s a connection. It’s good that there is something yet to imagine, something to wonder about, I mean, we shouldn’t know everything. There has to be some mystery left in God’s realm. The fact that we’re talking something gooey should tell you it comes from God’s primordial bucket of mud which contains plasmatic rivers of life carrying everything from meager amoebas to hairy hominids. Even I was born of the goo, not hatched. Which came first never really bothered me much. All I know is nowadays, I am not supposed to eat the yolk. That means more goo.

You know what I think…I think the gooey goo is what holds the universe together…only in my mind it looks a bit more like soap bubbles, filled with a rainbow of options. Still gooey depending on the mix you use, bubbles, like eggs with goo, don’t have to be spherical either, just as ducks and chickens have shown eggs come in ovals. It gets more interesting when bubbles take the shape of a polish sausage or a honeycomb. Oh my, all this food-shape talk is making me wonder how one little cocoa via is supposed to hold me till dinner.

The beau just got back from his visit to Indy with good news. He can now start walking with a cane after being on crutches since November. He is already trying to plan a paying tile job next week. We’ve not had an income here since November, so you can imagine I was depending on eating lots of eggs to keep the expenses down…till I found out my cholesterol was so high. We had some EBT assistance but it hasn’t been easy to have much variety in the diet on food stamps. I dream of the many ways to fix a spinach salad these days, with spinach and mushroom my “free-foods”. I USED to enjoy spinach salads with a few egg yolks, but not now, and it’s hard to find anything “yolk yellow” to spruce up the look of my salad.  I am just trying to eat healthier.

The beau said he wanted to go to the winery this weekend since friends will be in town overnight. He hasn’t been out since November, but it will be hard to eat cheese and bread and drink a glass of wine unless I live on spinach, mushrooms, and h2o the whole day before going. I kinda’ doubt that is how the diet should work. We’ll see. I doubt one night will kill me, and getting out would be nice.

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