with yolk added

In my last post, goo, I whined about not using yolks in my spinach salad, and wouldn’t you know it, an Egg Beaters commercial came on this evening with a new product Egg Beaters with Yolk. I had not seen the commercial before today. Well of course my first thought was why add it now, after all these years. Wasn’t the idea to have no cholesterol in the product? So I went to the Eggbeaters site and got the answers to my questions, one of which was, “What are Egg Beaters made of?  This was the answer: “Egg Beaters Original is made from real eggs, but only the “best part”—the whites. Then we add vitamins and other nutrients that would otherwise be lost when the yolk is removed. For Egg Beaters With Yolk, we only use a touch of yolk for added flavor in a low-fat, low-cholesterol, nutritious alternative to shell eggs.”

The other question was, “Why did ConAgra Foods decide to create Egg Beaters With Yolk?” Their answer, ConAgra Foods understands consumer demand for great taste in their egg-based meals, which is why we created Egg Beaters With Yolk as a flavorful alternative. Each flavor of Egg Beaters With Yolk adds a touch of yolk for delicious taste with 70 percent less fat and 75 percent less cholesterol than shell eggs.]”

That’s all well and good, but with yolk in the product there is 50mg of cholesterol with 40 calories and 1.5 g of fat. I am trying to cut back on those, thank you. Of course, one can still purchase the original egg beaters that has no cholesterol or fat, or hey, ya may as well use eggs that you separate (well or poorly). It’s incredible and edible, yeah, that’s right. I need to quit thinking.

I did my collage and anagrams, those made more sense to me than the egg thing. “Darwin to grow Jesus appetite, supply net.” Well it appears a net was supplied via the comics today. This evening’s anagrams come from text, “Apparently we’re just supposed to wing it.” The other anagram reads, “I just pointed up, we angels try two papers.”

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