sunny side’s up

When you hear sunny side, you might think eggs. Am I still thinking eggs? On some level, it’s just part of the nexus that is yellow. A white van just went by with a large yellow and white logo on it that said the sunny side of louisville, so I thought I would look it up and see what it was. It’s part of Louisville’s tourism, at least according to the logo found. An increase in traffic has occurred here recently, so that was probably not something I would see here every day. A friend told me part of the road was closed on the other side of the river, so the detour through Vevay is part of the reason we have increased traffic. The “sunny side” thing just made me laugh since my last post was about the yolks of eggs, as was a mention in the post previous to that AND because I had just done an anagram which included the word bus, “We think bus echoed God’s mind, Eve’s ancient mirror up throughout whole earth.” (from today’s Cow & Boy text, “Did we ever stop to think whether our craniums were big enough to handle so much…” The Cow & Boy text was part of today’s collage, but I actually used two mini-collages today because they contain separate thoughts. I know, that sounds nuts but it is part of my daily anagramming and what I call the nexus. There must be something to it all.  😉

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